Monday, February 14, 2011

Host Family!

Yesterday I finally got my host family information! Im going to be staying in Glarus which has a population of about 3000 people. My host family seems really nice - I have a host mum, a host dad and 2 younger host brothers! They love skiing and lots of other sports so im sure ill be able to do some skiing and training over there.

I also have my flight information and will be leaving on the 24th of Feb (9 days away) and arrive in Zurich the next morning.


  1. Hey Ella, I saw your blog on
    Do you remember me from Babbel? haha, I seem to be running into you all over the internet.

    Its great that you got a host family, I just got mine about 2 weeks ago, which made me really nervous haha! I'm living about 1/2 hour south east of Basel up north which is quite far from where you are but I'm sure I'll get to see you at some point.

    I wonder if AFS NZ and AUS have coordinated flights? Are you going through Osaka-Frankfurt?

  2. Hey, haha thats so funny that we met up on the internet again!!

    Yeah we should still be able to meet up, and apparently public transport in Switzerland is really good! Are you going to language school in Zurich? / Did you ever finish Babbel - im pretty sure ive forgotten everything!

    My flight path is: Perth - Singapore - Zurich. ( I leave on the 24th and arrive in the morning on the 25th)

    we leave in 5 days!!!