Sunday, December 19, 2010


After weeks of worrying about getting my visa in time for my departure date (apparently the swiss visa takes 4 months to process, and i have about 2 months before I depart), AFS Switzerland sent me a recomendation letter so I could apply for my visa despite not having a host family. This was such good news as I had been stressing over when I would get my host family and if I would be able to apply for my visa in time.

Anyway I sent my visa application off on thursday last week, and today the guy from the visa office in Sydney rang to say my visa has been accepted and is ready to put in my passport!! It took 3 days to process my visa! I was expecting 2 - 3 months but 3 days is great! I seriously thought that I would end up having to postpone my departure date because I wouldnt get my visa in time!

Still no news about host family though :( but at least visa is sorted!

Anyway, 5 days till christmas, and then 6 days untill I go to Japan for skiing with my family!!!! and finally 67 days untill I depart for Switzerland!


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